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Identity is something that our generation is always thinking about. Who are we, really? What is our place on this earth? Who understands us? What is our purpose, where do we fit in the intricatices of all relationships, in what do we believe?

And I think that teenagers ask these questions more than any other demographic. Being a teenager myself, I personally believe that as we’re exposed to new ideas and concepts and beliefs, we start questioning ourselves and our place. This curiosity is wonderful as we develop our personalities and our own thoughts about the world, but sometimes, simply the amount and diversity of all the ideas filling our society can become overwhelming. We begin to feel a burden, a great weight on our shoulders, to be, be, BE so very much. In a world concerned with numbers, popularity, and perfection in all we do, it feels so difficult to find our place. Are we a “nerd” or a “jock”? “Hippie” or “goth”? “Celebrity” or “nobody”? 

You see, the lines aren’t made with a ruler. They’re not straight. They’re blurred, smudged, for every single one of us. Yet we still put others in boxes, labeling them with what we first perceive them to be. We do it to each other. We, with or without knowing, judge one another, and this makes people think that they must fit into a certain category to have a place in the world. Imagine the horror if a “drama kid” tried out for the school’s hockey team! Or, if a “drop-out” found a set of watercolours and expressed himself by painting. There seems to be a clear divide in our society between any form of creative expression and science-, math-, or “intelligence”-based professions, and I think this translates into any aspect of society. 

People do have innate gifts and talents, but I believe that with effort and perseverance, anyone can accomplish anything, especially with the privileges and rights already established in a first-world country. However, there is something that can prevent us from achieving our dreams. Funny that it isn’t even a tangible thing. 

Our mindset has a HUGE impact on how we experience our lives. My incredibly thoughtful friend Maris wrote an article on her blog this week about a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset, and it really struck a cord with me. What if our perceived doubts about what others will think if we try something outside our “box” are just that – perceptions? We create our realities, after all. Always remember that, and always remember that you deserve to experiment. You’re a constantly changing little stardust bundle full of innate curiosities! Know that you can choose to send yourself positive or negative vibes. Try to love yourself a little more when trying something new and see it as a growth experience. 

Who I Am

Hey there. I simultaneously: 1. have no idea who am I yet and  2. can think of a list too long to write of my many identities. I’d bet you feel the same way.

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I know that seeing a wooden cart full of sunflowers is, to me, one of the most beautiful things in the world, made even more so by the trust and honesty at play in a society plagued by greed and distrust.


I know that creating art and writing – especially random free-verse poetry – helps me understand myself and what happens in my life better. 


I know that making recipes and taking photos and sharing them with others makes my heart happy.


I know how to make myself happy, because I know I need to be. 

There’s lots more things I know about myself: I’m sensitive to others’ emotions. I believe in God. I’m trying my hardest on the ultimate team at school even though I don’t think I have a gift in sports, because I want to challenge myself to seek growth. 

Now, Who You Are

You’re enough. You’re just what you need to be. You can choose happiness and choose to grow. You’re amazing!

Tell me what makes you special! What makes you YOU?

2 thoughts on “Who You Are

  1. I love this! I think there is also so much pressure in middle and high school to conform to just one identity, but people are so much more complex than that.

    Hm, things that make me, me… I love to cook, garden, craft, play the piano, read & learn, and spend a lot of time outside! 🙂

    1. Yes, Claire!! There is and I think it can limit a person’s potential! Glad to get to know a little more about you 🙂 I love doing all the things you mentioned, save for the piano (I don’t know how to play it 😉 )

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