Lemon Raspberry Jam (Refined Sugar-Free)

Who else is a huge fan of jam? I definitely am. I think that it’s more to do with the memories I have of making homemade jam, in huge batches with my mom and grandmother, than the jam itself. We’d fill a ginormous pot with blueberries and sugar, and I’d get to stir as we added pectin to let it set. Both of my grandmothers’ make mean strawberry jams, too! A favourite breakfast of mine would be toast slathered with vegan margarine (no butter, since I’m allergic to dairy!) and sweet berry jam.

Of course, now I don’t eat wheat toast, prefer healthy fats like coconut to ultra-processed margarine, and make my own lightly sweetened jam when I get a craving. This slightly tart lemon raspberry jam fits the bill! Grass-fed gelatin and chia seeds thicken the jam while giving it a super nutrient boost. It’s pretty hard to mess up, too, so don’t be intimated if this is your first time making jam.


You can use fresh squeezed lemons in this recipe, or use an already-squeezed organic lemon juice with no additives. The latter makes this jam even easier to whip up!



Gather some frozen raspberries, lemon juice, chia seeds, grass-fed gelatin, and local raw honey. And be ready to enjoy some boosted, sweet & tart jam that will make your body feel good!

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Lemon Raspberry Jam (Refined Sugar-Free)
Boosted lemon raspberry jam, (not) like your grandma used to make!
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  1. 4 cups frozen raspberries
  2. 1 tbsp lemon juice
  3. 2 tbsp chia seeds
  4. 1 tbsp grass-fed gelatin
  5. 2 tbsp local raw honey
  1. On medium heat, cook down the raspberries with ⅓ cup of water until soft and mushy. Stir in the lemon juice and chia seeds. Slowly sprinkle the gelatin over the mixture while stirring. Continue cooking until the chia seeds are plump - around 5-10 minutes. Finally, remove pan from heat and stir in honey. Let cool, then decant into a mason jar.
  1. Recipe can be easily multiplied. Fills 1 standard mason jar.
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How would you enjoy this jam? Try it stirred into plain chia puddings or gluten-free oatmeal, as a topper for your favourite Paleo pancakes, or swirled into homemade chocolate for a lovely treat! Comment your ideas below!

6 thoughts on “Lemon Raspberry Jam (Refined Sugar-Free)

    1. Thank you so much! I love that cute little cutter – I just couldn’t leave it out of the picture! <3

      - Clover

  1. HI Clover,
    I believe this is your first time on Real Food Fridays and I just wanted to say Welcome and hope to see you each and every week.
    I love you recipe for the raspberry jam – sounds delicious, healthy, and easy to make. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays blog hop. Pinned & tweeted!

    1. Yes it is Marla! I just started this blog 🙂 Thank you for the welcome and kind words! I hope to share on Real Food Fridays every week!

      – Clover

  2. Ahhhh your new blog is so pretty! I love it! Very sleek and professional, and I’m excited to start seeing recipes from you again 🙂 Do you use Great Lakes gelatin? I’ve been considering buying some from Thrive for quite a while but not sure if it is worth the price tag!

    1. Thanks Claire! I really love the new design too. I wanted it to be easier to navigate, so I’m glad you’re enjoying it! School starts soon, but I will be trying to post a couple recipes a week! Glad to be back into it 😉

      I do use Great Lakes gelatin (the one in the red/orange canister). I enjoy it, but then again I’ve never tried another grass-fed brand such as Vital Proteins. The only thing I don’t like so much about it is that it can have a bit of a flavour if it’s not paired with flavourful ingredients. Like I don’t notice its taste in this jam, but it does have a taste if you’re eating it as a supplement in a glass of water. Gelatin really helps when I’m inflamed, so I’d consider buying it from a health standpoint (and to make jam and gummies with 😉 )

      Hope this helps!

      – Clover

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