“Got Kraut?” Recipe + Ferment Facts!


Have you heard about the amazing benefits of fermented foods?! I sure have, but at first I thought that fermenting would be a confusing, complicated process. Though I still haven’t tried making my own kombucha (it’s a very delicate process… and I don’t have a SCOBY 😉 ) I make my own homemade sauerkraut as a staple food in our house. I can eat it at every meal: it’s perfect with eggs and greens for breakfast! Sauerkraut provides a tangy and crunchy bite – full of flavour, yet made with whole ingredients and Whole30 and vegan approved – and is great for gut health. In case you haven’t heard about some of the healing properties of raw fermented foods, here is a nice little list to get you started!

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Why It’s Important to Eat Fat


Not too long ago, fat was the enemy. Everyone thought that eating fat would make them, well, fat. During this time, sugar was, in a way, replacing the fat content in processed foods in order to make them actually taste good. Sugar is technically fat-free, so it was worshiped. Little did people stop to think about the science behind sugar consumption…  It was at this point when people started to get really overweight.

Hopefully now, things have started to change. There are still millions of people terrified of fat, but at least resources are now increasingly available to help us make informed decisions.  The WHO has lowered the recommended sugar intake per day, documentaries like That Sugar Film are being viewed by thousands, and Jamie Oliver has been raising awareness too.

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