Who You Are


Identity is something that our generation is always thinking about. Who are we, really? What is our place on this earth? Who understands us? What is our purpose, where do we fit in the intricatices of all relationships, in what do we believe?

And I think that teenagers ask these questions more than any other demographic. Being a teenager myself, I personally believe that as we’re exposed to new ideas and concepts and beliefs, we start questioning ourselves and our place. This curiosity is wonderful as we develop our personalities and our own thoughts about the world, but sometimes, simply the amount and diversity of all the ideas filling our society can become overwhelming. We begin to feel a burden, a great weight on our shoulders, to be, be, BE so very much. In a world concerned with numbers, popularity, and perfection in all we do, it feels so difficult to find our place. Are we a “nerd” or a “jock”? “Hippie” or “goth”? “Celebrity” or “nobody”? 

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