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Hey there and welcome to Real Food Renegades! My name is Emma, and I’m the teen foodie behind the site. I’m 15 years old and live in Canada (no, not in an igloo!).

10-year-old me in the kitchen!

Cooking is my passion! Since I was two years old, my mom invited me into her kitchen to let me stir flour and sugar together. When I was five, I decided that I’d open a restaurant when I was older – a decision that has wavered only minimally throughout the years. I’ve been allergic to dairy and soy for my whole life (I’ll write more on this in the future!), but completely changed my way of eating in 2015 when I watched a documentary about sugar.


I took out lots of yucky processed foods and added in plenty of nourishing foods. I felt so much better, and decided to take my health up another notch by removing gluten a few months ago. Therefore, all the recipes on my blog are gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. They’re also lightly sweetened, with unrefined sweeteners and fruits. Most of my recipes are Paleo-suitable, and there are several vegetarian, vegan, and Whole30 recipe options (search your needs with tags). I try to incorporate as many veggies and healing foods as possible into my recipes!

Opening my first coconut on vacation in Barbados, the land of beautiful tropical fruits.

I’ve become a bit of a hippie in my conquest for real food! I’ve found a new love to garden, make my own potions & lotions, create, read up on holistic nutrition, and practice gratitude, mindfulness, & positivity. Find my posts about my hippie living’ hacks here!


I’m a huge science (especially biology!) nerd, which might be why I’m so curious as to how foods affect my body. I’m no nutritionist, but I write about my favourite topics in holistic nutrition in an approachable way here. You can also find me exploring the woods and rivers around my home barefoot in the summer, playing around with watercolours and words late into the night, and jamming out to country music. 

Yay for huge sunflowers!

Making new friends who share the same passions as me is right up there with my favourite things, so please drop me a note by emailing me at realfoodrenegades@gmail.com or following along with my journey on Instagram. I’d really love to hear from you, about anything from collaboration opportunities to feedback to just a little “hello!” – it means more to me than you know 😉 . 

I can’t wait to meet you, foodie friend!

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